Prepaid Terms and Conditions

Upon activation of CellOne’s prepaid service, the user agrees to the Terms and Conditions set out below.

Users can top up their prepaid account at any time in any CellOne retail store or at participating merchants island-wide.  Any amounts loaded into an account are not transferable or refundable. Airtime use will be calculated at the per-minute rate as indicated in the CellOne Prepaid brochure.

Upon activating a monthly prepaid package, the user will have 30 days to utilize these services from the date of activation.

Customers may change a monthly/daily package at any time; however, in doing so will result in the loss of unused minutes/text messages from the previous package. Once the monthly package expiry date has been reached, funds for the upcoming month’s package will automatically be acquired from the current account balance at 12:00am. If the account does not have sufficient funds to replenish the monthly package, the user’s account will be set to inactive. In order to reactivate the account, the user must top up with additional funds equal to their existing package value. It is recommended that the user add additional funds above their package amount if intending to make long distance calls or when requested package limits have been reached.
With the Monthly and Daily packages, the Government License Fee is already included. 
Once an account has reached an inactive state, the user has 120 days from that point in which to reactivate. Failure to reactivate within the 120 days will result in the loss of the cell number.

Other than calls to 911 or 611, a user can only make and receive calls when the account has a positive balance.

Customers subscribing to the ‘Talk Plan’, a total of $0.24 per day for the Government License Fee will be deducted off of this package only. Your balance will be valid for 90 days from the date of your last top up, any unused funds will expire after 90 days. If your account is inactive for more than 120 days your account will be deactivated and you will lose your cell number.

Roaming is not available with CellOne’s prepaid service. Upon switching to a post paid package, any remaining prepaid balance will be lost and your cell number must change. Terms and conditions and rates are subject to change.

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