Bill Payments

Easy Ways to Pay

You can pay at any of our three store locations:

  • CellOne, Hamilton (Church Street Store)
    – Drop Box or Retail Representative
  • CellOne, St. George’s
  • CellOne, Somerset

We also have other easy ways to pay your bill:

  • Butterfield Direct – internet banking
  • HSBC – internet banking
  • Capital G – internet banking

Dial 611 to make credit card payments with CellOne’s Customer Care Department

Quick Bill Information

Text to Short Code 2455 from your CELLONE phone to receive a text message containing the requested information.

This information is ONLY available if  you are a non-corporate Postpaid CELLONE account holder or migrated former M3 customer.


  • BAL to 2455 to obtain the current CELLONE account balance.
  • MIN to 2455 for the remaining minutes available for current billing period.
  • DAT to 2455 for the remaining data allowance
  • ROAM to 2455 for the roaming charges for current billing period

We make every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information provided, but can make no guarantees that the provided information is 100% correct.

There are some conditions that are beyond the control of CELLONE that affect the accuracy of the information provided including, but not limited to:

  • Not all billing information may have been received, or processed from outside sources or other carriers.
  • Usage figures displayed for all voice, text and data plans will only show up to the plan limits – ie: Customer has a 100 minute plan and has used 125 minutes, the usage displayed will only show 100 minutes.
  • For customers on Family Plans or Shared Data plans, usage will only be displayed for the primary account holder. Usage will not be displayed for the additional lines on the account.
  • Payment information or recent account activity may not be posted to the account in question when the request is made.
  • Network outages or other conditions may make it impossible to have current information available in real time.
  • Equipment may be down for maintenance, delaying or preventing the message(s) from being delivered.
  • Delays of processing roaming network calls and data records.

If you have difficulty using any of these features, or feel the information is inaccurate,  please email us or dial 611 from your CellOne phone (free call) whilst in Bermuda or dial 441-700-7000 from any other phone.

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