Local Number Portability

Mobile Number Transfer Request. The network where EveryONE’s welcome!

Our simple 3 step process makes transferring your number onto our network easy. Let’s get started.

1. Submit your number transfer request by doing one of the following:

  1. Fill out our online form below
  2. Call 700.7000 and speak with our Customer Care Department
  3. Visit us at one of our 3 stores island-wide

2. Wait for approval

Once your request has been initiated, please allow 2 business days to receive your approval response. To ensure your request is processed efficiently, please ensure the following tasks have been completed:

  1. Provide us with accurate information i.e. existing account number and phone number
  2. Ensure you are the authorized account holder
  3. Check your account balance to ensure you have a current balance i.e. no past due amount
  4. Ensure the service is active on the number you are transferring

3. Activate your account

Once you have received your approval for transferring your number to our network, you will have 5 business days to visit one of our store locations to activate your line(s). Should you have any additional questions, our FAQ section may be of assistance to you.

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